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Community description:Daily links to fandom news and meta.
Welcome to [community profile] fandomnews, a community for sharing and aggregating fandom news, meta and discussion. A mirror and less frequently updated version of this FAQ can be found in our staging area.

1. What types of links can be included on [community profile] fandomnews?

[community profile] fandomnews includes links in the following areas:

* Meta discussion
* Fandom meta discussion
* Fandom legal issues
* Polls, surveys, research assistance requests, calls for papers
* Fandom news
* Fansite news
* Convention news
* Fanzine news
* Award news
* Publishing and writing news and advice
* Media references to fandom

The goal is to be as comprehensive as possible: to provide links to conversations about fandom, issues pertaining to fandom, to general and fandom specific meta discussion, to inform people about legal issues going on in the fan community, to help researchers gain a wider audience for fandom based research, and to share important fandom news. If there are other links that people think are relevant to fandom, please ask and we can see about expanding the scope to include those links.

2. Will you notify people that you have linked to them?

We do not plan to notify people that their posts have been included on [community profile] fandomnews. We will include links in the [community profile] fandomnews roundup unless someone specifically requests that a post not be linked on [community profile] fandomnews in the body of their post. We will also exclude links that request to be excluded from [community profile] linkspam and [community profile] metafandom unless we specifically get permission from the author to include it.

Please note that inclusion or non-inclusion in [community profile] fandomnews does not equal inclusion, or non-inclusion, in the Fan History wiki.

3. Can a person request that a link be removed from [community profile] fandomnews's roundup?

If you ask for a link to be removed from [community profile] fandomnews, we will remove it. Please comment on the post where the link is found, contact the poster via PM on one of the journaling services used, send us an e-mail or use the talk page in the staging area to request. Any of those methods will work and we will try to remove your link as quickly as possible.

4. What will happen if a link moves from public to locked?

If we are informed of this change, the link will be removed from [community profile] fandomnews.

5. Where can content for [community profile] fandomnews be pulled from? Will media mentions, for instance in newspapers or electronic news sources be included if fandom-related?

Content will primarily be pulled from LiveJournal and LiveJournal clones. Content for [community profile] fandomnews will also be pulled from blogs and other news sources. Media mentions will occassionally be included. They can sometimes be found identified in the author and date area, where the website is listed between those two identifiers.

6. What is the viewpoint that [community profile] fandomnews intends to have in terms of link inclusion?

[community profile] fandomnews intends to have a neutral viewpoint as much as possible. An attempt will be made to include pro, con and open question discussion points around an issue. We need help from readers to find links to help insure a well rounded representation of all points of view.

7. Is [community profile] fandomnews an attempt make money? Is there an attempt to monetize it?

No, [community profile] fandomnews does not make money. There are not and will not be any attempts to monetize it. The purpose of creating [community profile] fandomnews was to provide a resource for people on LiveJournal and its clones. While Fan History has a few ads, these rarely earn more than $20 a month and the fandomnews pages are lucky to get more than 10 visits a month from non-staff. Active promotion of fandomnews is done heavily around LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. fandomnews posters and link compilers are not being paid for their time and effort by any third parties. [community profile] fandomnews is a labor of love.

8. How can I submit links to [community profile] fandomnews for inclusion?

There are three ways you can submit links for inclusion on [community profile] fandomnews. You can (1) submit the link in the comments of a recent post on [community profile] fandomnews, (2) by e-mailing or (3) by editing the links to be posted page on Fan History's News namespace for the day you want the links included.

NOTE: This community's content is mirrored on LiveJournal, InsaneJournal and Dreamwidth. Please feel free to subscribe to the version which is most convenient for you to access.
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