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Submission help: You can (1) submit the link in the comments of a recent post on fandomnews, (2) by e-mailing fandomnews@fanhistory.com or (3) by editing today's link list.

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Welcome to [community profile] fandomnews , sharing and aggregating fandom news, meta and discussion. A mirror and more frequently updated version of this FAQ can be found in our staging area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of links can be included on fandomnews?

fandomnews includes links in the following areas:
  • Meta discussion
  • Fandom meta discussion
  • Fandom legal issues
  • Polls, surveys, research assistance requests
  • Fandom news
  • Media references to fandom
The goal is to be as comprehensive as possible, to provide people links to conversations about fandom, to general and fandom specific meta discussion, to inform people about legal issues going on in the fan community, to help researchers gain a wider audience for fandom based research, and to share important fandom news. If there are other links that people think are relevant to fandom, please ask and we can see about expanding the scope to include those links.

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